I’ve released lots of music in the past 6 months

I was wondering why I don’t currently have an appetite for creating music, but then I realised just how much music I’ve output in the last 6 months… 26 tracks!

October 8, 2017 – ‘Signal kommt’ by Stahlbürste Darling (10 track album)
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November 16th 2017 – Stahlbürste Darling remix of ‘Anti-social media’ by Restructure (EP)

January 25th 2018 – ‘Angel/Shirt’ by Cakefolder with remixes by Golden Cities, Stahlbürste Darling, and Last Years Man (5-track EP)
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March 21st 2018 – ‘Confidence’ by CakeFolder (10 song album)
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‘Confidence’ by CakeFolder released

My new album was released today and is available in all of these places:
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Ride the analogue wave with this whimsical, electronic, minimalist 10-song album about being full of confidence, or lacking confidence, and about taking someone into your confidence.

All tracks written and performed by Cakefolder in February 2018.
Words on ‘To Aybrook Street from Tolmers Square’ were collected from the streets of London.
‘Enter the Dragon’ was inspired by conversations with Chris Randall.

For Jana, my inspiration, who banished me to the studio when I couldn’t be bothered.

Cakefolder ‘Angel/Shirt’ released today

The new 5-track EP by Cakefolder ‘Angel/Shirt’ contains 2 songs… ‘Angel’ is a delicate song with a fragile vocal performance, struggling with an ethereal question.
‘Shirt’ is a whimsical electro pop-banger, presented here in its original form, plus also remixes by:

  • Golden Cities
  • Stahlbürste Darling
  • Last Years Man

It’s released today on online music stores such as iTunes:
CD Baby:

Amazon MP3:
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My 2017 in music

Here are some links to all the music I made/released in 2017…

February 2017
Participated in #rpmchallenge for the third year running, creating ten new demo tracks, but none of them were ready for release (see December).

October 8th 2017
Released an album ‘Signal Kommt’ as Stahlbürste Darling, featuring 10 tracks recorded between August 2014 and August 2017:

November 16th 2017
I did a remix (as Stahlbürste Darling) of the debut single ‘Anti-social media’ by Restructure, available here: https://restructure.bandcamp.com/track/anti-social-media-stahlb-rste-darling-remix

December 2017
Two tracks from February’s demo album were completed and made available as previews on SoundCloud here:

I plan to release these on online music stores in January 2018.

On This Day 01-Jan

One year ago, on the first of January 2015, I recorded and released my first jam with Korg Volca Keys, Bass and Beats… performed in one take, this was one of my early attempts at making music via improvisation on electronic analogue hardware. As this was the first track I made using the three Volcas, I used the first two letters of the words Beats, Keys and Bass to form the song title, ‘BeKeBa‘.