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Introduction to ‘Possibilities’

Possibilities is the new album by Cakefolder… available from March 11th at iTunes, Spotify, and all the major online record stores.

“With this album I set myself the challenge of creating an entire album of electronic music – including proper songs – without using a computer to arrange and perform the tracks.
“I wanted to try a creative process that did not rely on looking at a computer screen. On the computer, you perceive the music as blocks on a grid, much like a spreadsheet, rather than sound waves travelling through the air into your ears.
“There’s so much great hardware out there these days that allows for jamming – especially the latest generation of hardware synths from Korg.
“When a four-piece rock band get together for a jam, they’re listening and responding to what each other are playing… they’re reacting to the little differences and the musical arrangement is evolving dynamically, organically even. If the lead guitarist is suddenly inspired to launch into an improvised solo in the middle of a song, the other band members can react accordingly, and the song changes shape, becomes better.
“I’m not in a 4-piece band. It’s just me. But the technology allows me to play all those parts myself, so I’m jamming with myself. If I deliberately (or accidentally) trigger or mute a sound in a different way, I’m able to quickly react and adapt with the other instruments.
“Even the vocals would be loaded up into my sample player, so I could trigger the vocal snippets at the appropriate time to suit the improvised arrangement of the musical track. Of course I had to write quite concise lyrics because I’ve only got 65 seconds of storage on my sample player. But these are the self-imposed limitations that force you to be innovative.
“So the song creation process became a process of preparing sounds and musical sequences, and then performing the song in real time, jamming against myself, over and over again, each time new ideas being added and modified and adopted, until eventually (after several hours) through iteration and practisebb, I would end up with a performance that was what I wanted it to be… which I would then record to audio as a simple stereo mix, and video.
“Just knowing that it would not be possible to fix anything afterwards, ‘in the mix’, meant I really had to get it right at the point where I recorded it into the computer – this made the creative process not only exciting and oddly liberating.
“When you listen to the resulting recordings, the sense of excitement and danger shines through.”

‘Possibilities’, the new album by Cakefolder, is out on March 11th…

On This Day 01-Jan

One year ago, on the first of January 2015, I recorded and released my first jam with Korg Volca Keys, Bass and Beats… performed in one take, this was one of my early attempts at making music via improvisation on electronic analogue hardware. As this was the first track I made using the three Volcas, I used the first two letters of the words Beats, Keys and Bass to form the song title, ‘BeKeBa‘.

On This Day 1-Dec

On this day, three years ago, Jamfolder (a duo of which I am half) recorded and released on Audioboo an acoustic demo of their song ‘Blue Order’.

On this day, two years ago, I released the EP called ‘Analogue EP’ by German band Stahlbürste Darling. This was the first music I have made available to purchase from a proper music store, and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and many more.

The promo video is of the song “Da ist eine Spinne im Haus”…